Ultimate Solar Energy System for Homes and Businesses

The Ultimate is not just a brand, but a Unique Design for your domestic and industrial energy needs

Ultimate 5kva package is for Homes/Businesses/Churches Solar Energy System which offers virtually the best in solar energy systems!
It is designed for TV/Decoder/Home Theatre,
Phone Charging and
Energy Efficient Lightbulbs,
Fruit Blender,
Laptops and
Water Pump
Air Conditioners and
several other appliances.
Apart from domestic uses, this solar system will also power several business enterprises profitably. Some of the high yield enterprises to be so facilitated are discussed in my presentation “High Profit Solar Energy Based Businesses For Entrepreneurs” where I touched on several projects including:
Solar Ice Block Production
Solar Charging Station
Solar Cold Room
Solar Fadama (Dry-Season) Agricultural Water Pumping
Solar Electric Power Generation
Solar Recirculatory Fish Farming…. among others.

We will produce for entrepreneurs bankable business plans for any of the above listed projects on request. We also deliver and install all the products we supply to you.

Send “Ultimate Solar System” to 08034030844 (WhatsApp only) to get further details about our products.
Start shopping for Solar Energy and other beneficial products and services at our online store: https://DreamPlanCreate.kyte.site.

You might also request for the PDF Presentation of “High Profit Solar Energy Based Businesses For Entrepreneurs” by Ladi Oluwarore which is available free to subscribers/followers of this blog, on request.

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CREATIVITY: Myles Munroe on Leadership (Special)

This Creativity edition is special because we have normally showcased living legends who performed, and are still actively engaged, uniquely in their respective spheres of life, but this time we highlight the late Dr. Myles Munroe, a Bahamian evangelist, ordained minister, and avid professor of the Kingdom of God, who passed away in November 2014. He apparently lives on through his legacy, his principles and his spiritual offsprings, one of whom I am honored to be. Listen to him…..

Myles Munroe on Leadership

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Dr. Myles Munroe, OBE (1954 – 2014)

What Is Stopping You From Starting Your LONGRICH BUSINESS?

Your Own Dreams Can Come Into Reality Too!

Many of my friends and associates (and probably yours too) have used Longrich Health Products, and they have nothing but marvel and appreciation for the solutions they provide. But something is still missing…

What do you like about Longrich?

If the products have proved so effective, and your life has changed for the better, then take full advantage of your wonderful story. Go on and change the brand of your entire daily needs from those ordinary rewardless ones to Longrich brand that offers you more, and keep giving your testimonies! Make sure that you have registered your business so that you will earn several rewards from being a Longrich Ambassador.

Longrich is here to stay, with their factories in Europe, America, Africa (Lekki, Lagos), and of course in the home base China for Asia.

Longrich Factory (under construction in 2020) in Lagos, Nigeria is now open for business.

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CREATIVITY: Write Your Next Chapter

Believe me, you are a writer! Everybody, including you and me, is an author! Your life is the book, and you are the author because God gave that responsibility to you. You have the power to determine what is read by you and others in each chapter of life, by writing your own story, rather than allowing circumstances and people far and near write your own life story. 

Who are these people and circumstances? World economy as shaped by the Covid-19 pandemic has ruined the story of many. Political situations and violence in many countries of the world, like the Russia/Ukraine war, is taking their tolls. Employment is down, hunger looms, and many still remain homeless! Maybe this has been your story so far…. But you can change the narrative in the next chapter of your own life with a determined effort by taking actions that will turn your negative and sad story into a positive sweet song. You can add a new source of perpetually flowing income to your existing one(s), and make your life more robust! After all, money answers all things…. Let me show you how really beautiful your story can be as you turn the page to write your next chapter: the Chapter of Health and Wealth. In the comments box below, enter your name and WhatsApp number to receive a free video that will form the template of your next Chapter of Health and Wealth, and you will regain the control of the rest of your life, for good!

Be the Author of your Life Story by writing your Next Chapter of Health and Wealth

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Superbklean: Soft Care (Heavy & Night Use)

“Over 62% of the gynecological diseases in women were caused by the use of poor quality sanitary napkins during menstruation.”

Longrich Superbklean is an Anti-Bacteria Panty Liner which prevents toilet infection, serves as anti-tumour, treats infection and kills 99.9% bacteria. It also eliminates odour, itching, and reduces stress in women, relieves the pains of arthritis and rheumatism, prevents urinary tract infection (UTI). Finally, it relieves prostrate problems and prevents prostrate cancer in men. It can effectively restrict the growth and survival of bacteria and viruses, activates metabolism and improves secretion and immunity.

This great product comes in four (4) different varieties, depending on your specific needs. Three of the varieties are for ladies while the fourth is Unisex.

Superbklean: Soft Care (Day Use)

The ladies varieties have the following Benefits
👉Preserves health
👉Eliminates odour
👉Promotes metabolism
👉Improves endocrine function
👉Enhances immunity
👉Relieves stress

Superbklean: Soft Care (For Night)

The more versatile Unisex variety has the following Benefits
👉Prevents toilet infection
👉Serves as anti-tumour
👉Presence of Anion helps to treat infection & kills 99.9% bacteria
👉Eliminates odour, itching and reduces stress in women
👉Relieves menstrual discomfort due to infection
👉Helps in relieving pains of arthritis and rheumatism
👉Prevents urinary tracts infection (UTI)
👉Helps in relieving prostrate problems and prevents prostrate cancer (from 40 years) in men
👉It can effectively restrict the growth and survival of bacteria and viruses,
👉Activates metabolism and
👉Improves secretion and immunity

Superbklean (Unisex): Cotton Panty Liner (for Daily Care)

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Something Beautiful in Arizona, USA

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon National Park, often called one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, is on most travelers’ lists for a reason. Plan to hike some of the park’s most scenic loops—like Horseshoe Bend and the South Rim Trail—to get views of the rocky badlands of the Painted Desert, Navajo Nation, and even a waterfall or two.

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Get Into A Business That’s Right For You

We have been sharing ideas on how you can derive the best from Wallace D. Wattles’ book “The Science of Getting Rich” and this is our summary so far:

Step 1: Have a definite vision
Step 2: Be creative, not just competitive
Step 3: Exercise your imagination with frequency
Step 4: Maintain gratitude
Step 5: Have 100% belief
Step 6: Live your dream by faith
Step 7: Be Fastidious and Efficient!

Step 8: Get into the Right Business. Find out what Business is Suitable for your Skill Set and your Gifts!

Many of Wattles’ insights are best applied by starting your own business. What business should you start? Here’s the trick:
Identify the skills necessary to be successful in any chosen industry. What skills are you naturally good at? How can you use your skills to do something better than anyone else? Choose an industry that suits the skills you already have. There’s a lot to choose from. Online marketing, affiliate and network marketing, coaching, speaking, the stock market, crypto currencies, futures, and real estate investing are just a few.

The Science of Getting Rich highlights that the way to get rich in your specific industry is to be the best at what you do. Start where you are and constantly work on improving what you do. Go with what you’re good at, then get better.

You may like to adopt this acronym CANI:
C – constant
A – and
N – never-ending
I – improvement

With this, you’re good to go….

The Science of Getting Rich highlights the importance of adding value to others. The idea is to attract others to you. Magnetize people to come to you. Adding lots of value is not only possible, it’s the best way to build a large and loyal following. Deliver the best possible product or service you can, that will add value and make a positive difference to your audience or clients personally.

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