Revival of a Tree


One big rugged tree,
Supposedly free,
Waving to the sky
Arms flinging high.

This gallant chief
Innocently obtrusive
Got axed at the root
Without caring a hoot

Now felled prostrated,
By him who life hated,
It is left as wood dead
From base to the head

But the wood besought
Earth for life giving resource
And got fresh multiple roots
To sprout brand new grooves

He who cuts life with vanity
Never can dictate destiny
For God only has power to
Decide how and where we grow

Creatively developing you for Productivity,


Happy People Quarterly Meeting in Pictures

Quarterly Meeting of the Happy Happy People Housing Cooperative Ibadan Nigeria took place on September 20th 2014. At this meeting, 3 new committees were set up to re-engineer and project the goals of the cooperative to higher levels. The committees are:
1. Thrift and Credit Committee to advance the businesses and standard of living of members
2. Apete Estate Development Committee to facilitate the full implementation of the development program of Happy People Estate Apete, Ibadan.
3. New Estates Project Committee to break new grounds in Property Business for the Housing Cooperative.
Below are pictures of the Cooperative meeting.


Cross section of HPHC members 1


Cross section of HPHC members 2


The President, Ladi Oluwarore, addressing the Members


Some HPHC members after meeting


The President with members of the Executive Committee

Next meeting comes up on December 20th 2014.

Creatively developing you for Productivity,

Exciting Ride on the Roulette

Solar Farm

Of course, you know that the number comes around again and again on the roulette table. If you say that what goes around comes around, you are not far from the truth, but that sounds vindictive. More like “the evil that men do lives after them…. kind of” However, mine is a great experience in a different sense from how my blogger friend Jacqueline Marie stated her own chemotional bonding to a boyfriend who himself is a chemist after she had run from chemistry subject all through her early years.

Actually, I loved chemistry (I can almost see Jacqueline wincing), and abhorred Biology, and together with Physics I hoped my self-limited science background would make me an electrical engineer. However, circumstances revealed my artistic side and later plunged me into the environmental planning discipline in college. I even had a stint in teaching urban and regional planning in the polytechnic. Now I am taking my concern about the ozone layer depletion to an unusual level as I indulgently crusade for the use of renewable energy sources that preserve our environment more effectively instead of fossil fuels.

It appears that I have done my round ‘sampling’ careers from physical/chemical sciences to the creative arts to environmental management to electrical energy. Do you now realize why I preach the doctrine of Solar Energy so vehemently without any electrical engineering background? Yesss…. I feel like this is where I was always meant to be. So? Let’s go SOLAR with DPC Links!

Don’t quit on your goals

Do you have a goal? It is criminal not to have one because he who aims at nothing will consistently hit it. Create your goal, aim at it and keep firing…!

Choose your P.A.C.E

Choose your goal and keep your eye on it. Never give up.

Perhaps you will need to change your plan and approach you goal from a different direction

but don’t quit.

Keep thinking. Keep re-planning. Keep going.  – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

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LIVE & LET LIVE through Affordable Housing Programs

Happy People Housing Cooperative is once again in the pioneering mood! In 1992, we started out as the first specialized cooperative body in Nigeria focused on affordable housing. By 1994, we hosted the then Military Governor of Oyo State to the launch and foundation laying of our 20-Acre Happy People Cooperative Housing Estate situated in Apete, Ibadan. By 1998, the Federal Government of Nigeria donated two electric transformers to the society for the enhancement and rapid development of the Housing Estate. And by 1999, members started living on the Estate. Now if you didn’t know, all these were a series of firsts in Nigeria and they were all initiated and engineered by yours truly. We needed comfortable homes in a cool and orderly environment to LIVE in, and trusted friends and neighbours to LIVE with, and we got all of them.

Fast-forwarding to 2014, Happy People Housing Cooperative in their last meeting in September decided to raise three new committees that will take the society to the next level. One of the committees is the New Estates Development Committee that would chart the course for our cooperative society to provide the means of expanding the benefits to others. Most of us in the society now had homes and families of our own. However, the initial problem of affordable home ownership that prompted us to strategize and partner together as a cooperative society was still ravaging the society all around us! If there has been any difference, it has only worsened than it was before. This is the reason why we decided to rearm and refire our zeal and intellect, using the element of experience that is on our side, to establish new Cooperative Housing Estates which will effectively cater for all who wish to become home owners through affordable strategies.
The meeting of the New Estates Development Committee of Happy People Housing Cooperative will come up in Ibadan, Nigeria on Saturday 25th October 2014 to deliberate on how we can provide affordable housing for the needy in our society. After all, we now LIVE in our own houses. We should be able to provide the technical guidance to LET others LIVE in their own homes without stress. Do you have any suggestion for the committee?

Blogging Goals

If you have been wondering why I invited you to be a regular companion on this blog, the answers are here and allow me to make them snappy!

Goal No. 1 is to have at least 500 followers on this blog between now and December 31 2014. You are already here, so please follow this blog to make the goal realizable.

Goal No. 2 is to give you reason to remain constant here by publishing 3 times weekly on my 3 niches of
(I) Solar Energy on Sundays
(ii) Affordable Housing on Wednesdays
(iii) Tourist Delight on Fridays
It’s never going to be a dull moment here.

Goal No. 3 is to visit our blogging colleagues every Monday for the necessary interaction among the blogging community. So, let’s share the love. Go ahead now and click on the Follow Button at the top of this Blog.
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Conqueror of the Ebola

Welcome to Nigeria, the first country in the world which has been able to contain and conquer the EVD, otherwise known as Ebola Virus. Not being a medical practitioner has not disabled me from saying a word or two about this dreaded disease that is known by even the smallest kid here to snap life out of its victims in less than a week or two of manifestation.
In a country like Nigeria where every damned thing is toyed with or politicised, it is surprising that the entire nation rose up in one accord against this challenge and conquered it within just a few weeks. Yesterday 20 October 2014, the World Health Organization (WHO), gave Nigeria a clean sheet of complete freedom of Ebola, a feat which was thought impossible.
And so…. Give it up for Nigeria, the country that shook itself free from the grips of a viral condition under which developed nations like USA and Spain are still struggling feverishly, apart from prostrate countries of West Africa like Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone! Those who don’t have it yet are sweating, while Nigeria is now being requested to send ‘experts’ in Ebola containment abroad. For once, your blog host throws out his chest and proudly says “Omo Naija ni mi (I am a proud Nigerian)”